Product Details

Toothform Knives for Bag Packaging Industry

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Metering method volume 
Bag type back sealing packing 
Range of Measurement  Film Width: 30-140mm, bag length:30-180mm(special specification can be done) 
Packing speed 30-60bag/min(depends on different products) 
Weight: 400KG 
Dimension 900*700*1700mm 
Input 220V~50Hz 
Packing material diameter ≤300 mm
Total power 1.6Kw

Main Features
1. Save 3-4 operators, machine uses flat board packing, no need bind or unpack carton, automatically carton forming and packaging.
2. It uses hot melt adhesive to seal the carton, no need of adhesive tape. Carton bottom uses one board, which prevents bottles from dropping.
3. Save the of carton ( area) about 30%.
4. Economize other machines, which saves much spaces.

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