Product Details

Electric Granule Powder Weighing Filling Machine / Auto Particle Packing Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

Technical Parameter

- Pouch Width90-180mm
- Pouch Length    110-250mm
- Max Volume1000ml
- Speed40-50 pouch/min.
- Accuracy<±1.5%
- Reel 400mm
- Electricity Consumption  9KW
- Air Consumption0.7m3/min
- Weight2100KG
- Size (L×W×H)6600mm×1100mm×1500mm

1. Excellent performance to complete materials sending, measuring, bag making, filling, air filing(exhausting), sealing, cutting , date printing etc.
2. High Measuring precision,
3. High efficiency and good for fragile goods. 
4. Four heads linear scales, back sealing packing machine.

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